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Paige Pierce is a sweet girl in a way and a tough bitch in another way. Of all the face fucking sluts at Slavemouth, she's one of the most contradictory. But no matter. What matters for us is that she craves oral domination and the most brutal face fucking. She can take a hard punishment by cock until the deepthroat leaves her sore and gasping for breath. She'll gag and spew on the cock for a long time, but she won't quit. She's tough like that. An oral masochist who lives for brutal blowjobs sometimes. We like her.


Fuck-In Closet

Fuck-In Closet

Paige Pierce

Paige has a tough, domme side to her that Master Mercies wanted to break down into submission. So he had her dress up like a tough girl, then fucked her face until her submission came spewing out with her slobber. It's as if her tough side was a closet for her subservience today, and Master Mercies had a lot of fun with the things inside that closet.