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Felicity Feline loves brutal face fucking, gagging, and all kind of extreme oral domination. She has been a pet and slave with great enjoyment and contributes actively to her own facial punishment. She's an oral pervert as well as one of the most beautiful cocksuckers we've had the pleasure to orally dominate. For hard oral BDSM, Felicity does not fail to please.


Punish my Mouth

Punish my Mouth

Felicity Feline

Felicity Feline likes to be put in her place once in a while. That's why she comes to the harem. Today, She wanted to be turned into a sweet little pleaser, so Dr. Mercies strung her upside down and used her mouth to make smoothies. They came out aweful, so then he punished her with lots and lots of his frozen come and some very rough gagging.