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Rough face fucking, extreme oral sex for submissive girls | SlaveMouth

Our Mission exists for two reasons. First, we strive to combine hardcore oral sex and BDSM into a single entertainment package for people who enjoy watching both of these activities. We also strive to provide entertainment that captures authentic moments between performers and that provides an intense, exhilarating, one-of-a-kind experience. We work hard not to repeat ourselves or to copy anybody else so that you, the viewer, feel good about maintaining a membership to our site.

Like our sister site, Assylum®, we also aim to expand the usual porn-viewing experience with educational and social insights from the performers. At, the performers don’t just use their bodies, they use their brains. We talk to them about what it’s like filming the scenes and what BDSM and other fetish activities mean to them in their everyday lives, and we aim to clarify some of the myths and preconceptions surrounding these activities.

We strongly believe that the consensual exploration of sexual fantasy—even the darker, sadomasochistic kind—among adults is key to personal happiness and that personal happiness is key to societal harmony. As lovers of BDSM and fetish activities ourselves, we know that even the most sadistic expression of sexual fantasy does not prevent people from being good human beings in everyday life, and we look forward to a day when people everywhere can enjoy their sexuality without shame.