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Anastasia Rose in a Mouth Whore's Breakfast | SlaveMouth

A Mouth Whore's Breakfast

Anastasia Rose, September 11, 2018

Anastasia was visiting for a week. So she and Dr. Mercies decided she'd need to be fed. The kitchen was running a little light on supplies, but there was a container of Dr. Mercies' saved-up cum in the freezer (at least 30 loads), and his bladder was fully stocked with piss. So he let Anastasia eat his ass until he came, combined the fresh cum with the frozen and cooked her some fried jizz, and gave her his piss to drink. Then he gagged her with a long string of anal beads to see if she could hold it all down--kind of like how they tested witches in the old days. She wanted to come, but all of this filth put him in a sadistic mood, and he made her put down the vibrator just before she got off. "You'll earn your orgasm by serving me more fully as the day goes on," he told her.

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